Witness Statuses

Witnesses from February 2011 for the Assange defence and what has happened since.

Witness Status
Bjorn Hurtig Retracted evidence at Magistrates court in Feb 2011. Judge accused him of deliberately attempting to mislead the court
Sven Erik Alhem Offered evidence based on Hurtig’s false claims. Original expert opinion therefore unreliable, as not based on fact. Has commented that Assange should return to Sweden as soon as possible and said in court that extradition to the US from Sweden would be impossible to do without a media storm – and furthermore that he knew of no risk of it happening at all.
Brita Sundberg-Weitman Also gave evidence based on Hurtig’s false information. Current views unknown [sources welcomed]
Göran Rudling Discovered deleted tweets. Since testifying, has been heavily critical of Assange legal team and has been pro-active in assessing their claims. Rebutted the claims of the Naomi Wolf article, which he says was based almost entirely on ignorance of Swedish legal system.
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