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We are quite sure of our facts (having sourced them from primary or expert sources).  But the misconceptions are still very widespread, so we need to get the word out even more than we do already. We have a growing number of followers, but the disinformation is so widespread that we can always use more coverage.  So please do post our links on twitter, facebook, or any social networking sites where you think they will be of interest.  Email news sources who get the facts wrong, and give them the primary sources we link to – or just link to us; we do update as we get corrections (which is rare but does happen).  Put in a complaint to ABC Australia about the 4 Corners show, or your local equivalent.

You can email GetUp and ask them to get their campaign aligned with the facts.

If you decide to help, just note that you may be targeted by “Assangists”.  Not all Wikileaks supporters are abusive, insulting or threatening – but there is a vocal minority who do like to jump in.  Our advice would be to block them – some of them seem to revel in making people upset, and you won’t convince them to change their minds.  If they are particularly nasty, let us know and we can add them to our growing collection :)

Say “hi” to our volunteers as well – it is always nice to get a bit of encouragement instead of abuse :)

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We have included handy links to each section in the biggest articles like Common Misconceptions and the ABC Australia “4 Corners” show analysis.  Just click on the index at the top of the article to go directly to the section and get the shortcut web in your window.  For example, this is the web address that shows that Sweden do not extradite for espionage:

But don’t forget the valuable resources on that here as well!

Got facts with good sources? We want them!  Written something you think should be up here? If it passes our review guidelines we may well be interested (reviewing will have to be done by more than one Wikiwatch author for external articles). We are happy to post anonymously on your behalf or to link back to your site or contact details.

If you really want to help, then take the advice we like to give: do not take our word for it. Explore our site, read the sources, verify the facts, and then decide if our links are worth spreading.

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