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Here’s the correspondence we had with Ms Westwood’s office – though they confirmed receipt, they did not reply to address any of the issues which we pointed out. We did send them a reminder a few days later. ¬†Vivienne Westwood will be releasing a t-shit in support of Julian Assange shortly, with all funds raised going to Wikileaks.

We would once again urge Ms Westwood to take a look at the facts, and to check out our more detailed examination of the human rights issues in this shocking case.  Swedish visitors may be interested in our open letter to Sweden.

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Thank you very much.

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Subject: Fwd: Comments on Ms Westwood’s position on Julian Assange

Hi Chris,

the original email is below.

Oh: one correction. As far as I know, Wikileaks only once linked directly to the abusive article from twitter:

But they still link to it from several places on justice4Assange.



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From: Duncan Wilson <>
Date: Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 10:00 AM
Subject: Comments on Ms Westwood’s position on Julian Assange


we have an article up about high-profile supporters of Julian Assange, and we’re planning a new one which will be a quick summary. At a recent show, Ms Westwood displayed shirts with Mr Assange’s face, with the words “I am Julian Assange” written on them.

We’d be very interested in having a statement from Ms Westwood to clarify her position. Mr Assange is wanted for criminal proceedings for one count of rape and three other sexual offences. He refuses to return to Sweden, claiming he would be in danger of extradition to the USA for espionage.

We’d be most interested in the following clarifications:

1) Did Ms Westwood know that Sweden do not extradite for espionage or leaking, but that the UK and Australia do?

2) Was Ms Westwood aware that Wikileaks supporters are putting out a great deal of untrue information about the case and the legal processes?

3) Was Ms Westwood aware of the victim abuse on that Wikileaks link to directly, which claims that the two Swedish women are “basket cases”, that domestic violence is mostly caused by women, and claims that feminism is a fascist conspiracy that the Nazis would have been proud of (among many other things). Search the page for “rape the shit out of them” to get the nastiest part of that post. Was she further aware that the owner of the Rixstep site regularly abuses one of the women on Twitter, via the @rixstepnews account which is followed by Wikileaks and retweeted by them from time to time?

4) Does Ms Westwood condone such behaviour? How does she feel about the fact that Wikileaks are officially promoting this article both from their twitter feed and from their official justice4assange website?

5) Does Ms Westwood still support Julian Assange in his attempts to avoid facing the criminal proceedings in Sweden?

Our latest article is here:
Lawyer David Allen Green has called it a “really good round up”, so we’re pretty confident we’ve got the legal aspects correct.

All our articles link to primary sources so you can check what we say for yourself – we would urge you to do so if you are in any doubt of what we say.



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