Twitter blocking policy

We do not block critics just for disagreeing, and we believe in free and open debate.

However, accounts on Twitter can and will be blocked and may be reported under the following circumstances:

  1. Persistent aggressive or abusive behaviour towards our account
  2. Threats towards our account or volunteers
  3. Obvious spam account (tweeting adverts)
  4. High volume of tweets that clog up our timeline after we have asked to close the discussion and stated our reasons for disagreeing.

Accounts will be warned before blocking, and given the reasons. Admins should note the incidents here (private page).

If an admin has blocked an account, this may be disputed by other admins and the decision reversed following discussion; whoever is operating the @wikiwatcher twitter account at the time makes the first call.

We will amend these rules as required. Comments may be left on the general policy, but individual cases will not be discussed. Please contact by email if you wish to be unblocked.


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