Tweet and message submission

We do post tweets and sometimes screencaps of tweets throughout our site, but we have started a special collection over at the Assangistas page.  However, screencaps are very easy to fake (it doesn’t even take any graphics software – it can be done right from within the browser).  Think we’re joking? Here’s a fake we knocked up just now:

The fake has everything: it’s twitter, it’s a real tweet, it is has a real and fully visible URL (web address) which could be important if you ever need to ask twitter to recover the original tweet.  It has everything except plausibility.  We deliberately chose a ridiculous fake so it cannot be mistaken for the real thing. But we did also add the “Fake” text in an art package – just in case.

So that’s why we don’t accept screencaps unless they are from a public person with a reliable reputation: such as a well-known and respected journalist or a lawyer (we may ask for verification of your ID though).  Our own team of authors on this site can screencap; if we cap them ourselves, we can be pretty sure they are genuine.

So if you send us a link to a tweet, we can cap it – that’s fine.  If the tweet has been deleted (and many are), I’m afraid we can’t do anything. But don’t worry – there should be another one along in a minute!

Our contact page gives some twitter accounts, so just drop us a line and send us the web address of the tweets you think qualify for our gallery.


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