The world of Wikileaks is a many splendoured thing. We have looked at the Assangistas, those dedicated soldiers of truth who devote hours to politely correcting any facts they find uncomfortable. But there is another side to this: the paid government operatives who the Assangistas tirelessly fight against, in the interests of truth, honour, and civility.

So remember! All journalists who use facts are not real journalists:


(context on that one)









Not to mention stupid:

The storify mentioned here is well worth a look:

So David Allen Green was “cornered and exposed” – have a read of the exchange itself; it really is quite a comprehensive demolition of an argument. We suggest that fans of Mr Green read it very carefully, so as to get the full flavour.

But to be fair, the journalists all have serious medical conditions which impair their faculties:



As does our host:


But it’s not just individuals – entire countries are at fault here:


Luckily, this abuse is made tolerable by our regular payments in used bills from Uncle Sam.










Another common trait of these shills is that they are secretly in love with Julian Assange:



Of course, the men are also in love with Assange.  From page 211 of Julian Assange’s autobiography:

“[Nick Davies] sort of fell for my idealism…and before I knew it he was behaving erratically and needily, like a besotted person..”

Multiple tweets confirm this as true:



Inanimate objects have feelings too:


Lastly, of course, all the shills are really sock puppets of one or two “main” shills.



UPDATE: within minutes, our elaborate double bluff was exposed:

If you enjoyed the humour, please take a moment to consider the serious side as well. /Preaching
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