That Rixstep link

Possible trigger warnings for victims of abuse. Some quoted text may be upsetting.

More Wikileaks tweets of note can be found here.

UPDATE: We didn’t notice before, but the rixstep article below is linked to directly from justice4assange, the official wikileaks site for the Assange case.  The “Duckpond” article is currently the first link under “Controversies” and links to rixstep from the very top.

On December 31st 2011, the official Wikileaks twitter feed sent out a link to  It is not unusual for Wikileaks to link to Rixstep; and it’s not unusual for Rixstep to publish articles on women. We invite the reader to sample what he has to say in general on the topic.

The link that Wikileaks posted in 2011, however, is worth taking the time to look at closely:

Click here to see that tweet on Twitter itself.

We have selected the most.. interesting.. quotes from that article, and screencapped them.  We invite you to do the same.

And while retweets are not necessarily endorsements, we note with interest that @AssangeC (Christine Assange, Julian Assange’s mother) retweeted this particular link.

On to those quotes that Wikileaks seem to want us to read.

We think the text speaks for itself, and will add no further comment.

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