Death threats directed at Wikiwatch

Greetings, readers of Craig Murray’s blog! This is one of the least interesting pages here, but try here for proof of the conspiracy against Wikileaks and here for evidence that we are CIA.  For actual fact stuff, try this list (with primary sources), and to see why Mr Murray is talking nonsense, here’s a quick guide to rape myths.  Please enjoy your stay :)

Now we have enough death threats to start our own page for them.

Note: that account later tweeted this:


On Craig Murray’s blog, he claimed (under the name “José Esteves”) that:

As a non-native speaker of the language, maybe I was being optimistic believing that “guts” could be, in context,understood less viscerally as “personal information generally regarded as belonging to the private sphere”?

We note that the comment on Murray’s blog was written in flawless English.

He (ironically we presume) states we like victimisation. Well, we enjoy documenting it, and the worst cases documented so far can be found here and here.

Zulu4o2 got in on the act:

to which another Wikileaks-helper replied:

(Presumably Sandra Eckersley, one of our volunteers, who has been receiving regular threats recently). This is not the first time that ZULU4o1 has made this threat:

Zulu4o1 claims that saying “I am going to do you slowly” can’t be a death threat because he’s quoting a politician, who said it.  The politician is Paul Keating, who said:

The answer is, mate, because I want to do you slowly… There will be no easy execution for you.

so Keating was himself making an analogy to death, and Zulu must be aware of this, since he often refers to the quote.

Is this behaviour encouraged by Wikileaks?  Well, Christine Assange has retweeted all those accounts (some of them quite often).  She likes insulting tweets too, and looks forward to meeting some of the tweeters. So we feel that tacit approval at the very least has been given, which at times borders on encouragement:


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