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Rixstep context
Rixstep again
Rixstep epilogue
Charges in the UK
Sweden and torture
Why did we publish the Wikileaks Forum article?
Rixstep and the Nazi website – clarifications

Rixstep context (triggers)

‏@abuVeliki claims we misrepresent Rixstep on this page by omitting the preceding paragraph, which they have capped here.

We are embarrassed to note that we spelled “if” as “it”, thus apparently talking nonsense.

The full critical blog post can be read here.  We chose our quotes to show the reasoning that followed the “rape the shit out of them” quote – but also to show that Rixstep uses foul and abusive language when talking about the issue of rape. As ever, we invite the reader to check Rixstep’s whole page, and examine the other quotes we give as well (such as domestic violence is the fault of women, his claim that Swedish feminists are akin to Nazis, his personal insults towards the alleged victims in the Assange case, etc.).

We also invite the reader (as we do on the original page) to check for themselves the other articles on rixstep that mention women.  We feel it is quite clear that the quotes are consistent with Rixstep’s attitude throughout his site.

We feel confident that the quote we have given is a valid representation of Rixstep’s attitude towards feminism and towards women in general.

Rixstep context again.

Opinion differs. The twitter account @StjarnaFranfall, which claims to be the author of states quite openly that it is perfectly acceptable to use the phrase “rape the shit out of them” when commenting on a rape case. She also states that the abuse towards the plaintiffs – even before a trial – is fully justified.

A more reasonable and morally justifiable view is given by @saltlet:





We still think the context is fair – the article as a whole reflects the views of Rixstep, and indeed the very next paragraph does not rely on the preceding text for anything: it is a clear statement (though exaggerated so as to be abusive) of Rixstep’s views of Swedish feminism. As before, we direct the reader to the whole article; the phrase really is not out of context, especially given a quote we didn’t give before: Rixstep quotes a rape victim about the effects she still suffers, and then comments on that in an abusive fashion:

‘How come I have to devote the entire month of January to crying already when I get up in the morning, lie in the foetal position and shiver from mental torment and then wait all day in the waiting room for the mental hospital’s ER?’ Yes why is that Elin? And these are the people who would accuse a cerebral Australian cultural hero of wrongdoing. The same ones who sing songs at their militant meetings about literally castrating all men, cutting off their genitals as Maria-Pia Boëthius once suggested – they obviously point the way to a better and healthier society, right? Turd Blossom [this refers to a Swedish politician; we are unsure who] never had it so easy. The US of Bush and Obama won’t have to worry about Sweden for a long time to come.

As we said previously: the quote we give really, really, is not an unfair portrayal of the article as a whole.

Rixstep: Epilogue

Though we closed this, we can’t resist giving a couple more quotes. Saltlet still thinks that our quote is unfair, but is also now dubious about the reliability of Rixstep.


However, abuVeliki made a fascinating statement:




@RitaMartincsek pointed out an error here where we said that English police have to bring charges before questioning. This was clearly wrong, and we have updated with a link to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Sweden and torture

We have updated the misconception about Swedish extraditions after an interesting link to Amnesty was submitted. We had claimed that the illegal deportation of two Egyptian men must surely have changed the Swedish process. An unsourced claim on our part – and this was pointed out. Sweden do not classify torture as a crime according to Amnesty. They are still bound by EU law, and we’re pretty sure that Sweden do have laws about not hurting people, but we are not going to investigate down this route any further for two reasons:
1) It isn’t directly relevant to the proceedings in Sweden
2) Sweden are bound by EU law anyway, so their domestic law is not relevant for extraditions.

If any expert lawyers want to clarify for us, we will happily publish (but expert sources must be validated and anonymous submissions are assumed to be layman).

Why did we publish the Wikileaks Forum article?

Following comments by the Wikileaks Forum Admin on the article itself, we have written a response which we hope clarifies our position.

Rixstep and the Nazi Website

Our original article on @Rixstepnews tweeting a link to a Nazi website contained much speculation. We are very grateful to @Rixstepnews for clarifying that they simply tweeted the link that they found on the Flashback online forum, without having any idea what it was:


This blog post from @Assanganista gave us some heavy criticism – some of which we totally deserved, having missed the obvious fact that the tweets remain up. We invite readers to read it in full.

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