Brita Sundberg-Weitman

“If there is sex discrimination in Sweden today, it is rather against men… Have you been “seduced” by Göran Rudling and Gudrun Schyman, I wonder.”
– email reportedly from Brita Sundberg-Weitman, April 2012
“I see no reason to think [Rixstep] is a misogynist or that he writes his pieces mala fide [in bad faith]”
– email reportedly from Brita Sundberg-Weitman, April 2012
“Except [REDACTED] never said “no”… [REDACTED] deliberately ambushed him so she could bed him and brag about it afterwards… Joseph Goebels.. [would have gone to] feminist Sweden of today to take lessons from the real pros…  there are things one can do against domestic violence, even if the chief cause is the women.”
Rixstep, Dec 2011,  article tweeted by Wikileaks. Predates emails.

Brita Sundberg-Weitman was an expert witness for Julian Assange in the February hearing. She was very critical of Prosecutor Ny, and claimed that Ny was a radical feminist: but when questioned, she could not provide any substantial evidence to support that view, and the evidence she did provide was quickly demolished:

“She was then asked what material she has to justify the conclusion that Ms Ny “is a well-known radical feminist”.  She did not produce any further evidence to substantiate that conclusion and thought it was well known.”
– Judge Riddle on evidence given by Brita Sundberg-Weitman, February 2012 (page 4).

We have been passed these emails which appear to be from Ms Sundberg-Weitman. Among the claims made in the emails are that Rixstep is neither a sexist nor that he publishes in bad faith; we wonder if Brita has read this?  That Rixstep article (attacking the plaintiffs, feminism, and women in general) had long been published when the below email was written, and had been tweeted by the official @Wikileaks twitter feed – so it was widely publicised, and quite hard to miss.  We did pass Brita the link along with our enquiry, and asked if she had any comments.  But perhaps she feels that maybe Rixstep recently tweeted a link to a neo-nazi website in good faith, and perhaps she has never read anything Rixstep has published about women?

Brita has declined the opportunity to explain her views.

If the emails reflect Brita’s viewpoint, it may well go a long way to explaining why she felt that Ms Ny is a “radical feminist” – yet was unable to offer a single shred of evidence to support that claim when asked in court.

Assange-case followers will know that what is normal process in all other cases suddenly becomes evidence of conspiracy when applied to Assange.  It is commonly said that one plaintiff changed her statement.  Once.  After she gave a verbal interview, the written statement was given to her, and she requested a change. This is said to be evidence of a conspiracy.

Much is made of this. So it is fascinating to see another (perfectly normal) legal process described in these emails: the expert witnesses were asked for multiple versions of their own statements, and a process of long negotiation was entered into about precisely what they were willing to say.

We have confirmed with Goran Rudling that the quote attributed to him is accurate.  He says that he was very angry with some of the things that Jen Robinson tried to get put into his statement.  We wonder what would be made of such information by Assange supporters, if Ms Ny had attempted the same thing with the plaintiffs?  We at Wikiwatch would certainly be calling for a detailed explanation from Ms Ny.

The below emails were passed to us by Mary Eng, aka @Braingarbage. We have confirmed that the email address is that of Brita Sundberg-Weitman. We have contacted Ms Sundberg-Weitman (October 12th 2012), asking if she wishes to comment or to explain the context of the remarks attributed to her and then later we wrote again (October 18th 2012) reminding her that we intend to publish and offering her the chance to comment. She has not replied to any of our emails.

The offer to Ms Sundberg-Weitman to clarify her views remains open. If she decides to reply, we will note her response on this page, and in this paragraph.

We also invite comment from Swedes in general: while Sweden is famed for its equal pay legislation, is it true that sexual discrimination in Sweden is directed against men?  Please do add your comments to this article – though we hestate to take at face value the people behind this article:

We invite Brita to comment on that one as well, and if she believes it to be valid.

The emails in full now follow.  We have highlighted the passages that we find most interesting.  Emphasis is not original.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Brita Sundberg-Weitman <>
Date: Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 9:59 AM
Subject: Julian’s defence before Judge Riddle et alia
To: mary rose lenore eng <>

Dear Mary,

I wonder what you mean when you talk of “coercion of witnesses and
breach of confidentiality and an erroneous allegation of
state-feminism”. I was certainly not coerced – who say they were??? –
and having reread my written opinion there is nothing in it that is
not exactly what I mean today. In my opinion those who speak of State
Feminism in Sweden today as an exaggerated and mad ideology, far from
the original ideas of Equal Opportunities, are quite right. Do you
know that the Feminist Party “Feministiskt Initiativ” has extremely
few supporters: probably most ordinary Swedish women think Gudrun
Schyman is absolutely unreasonable. That’s why I recommended you to
read Tanja Bergkvists blog, but since it is in Swedish you may not be
able to read it. By the way, Göran Rudling is no “legal scholar
expert” as you say, and in my view he is a bit too much of a
“Besserwisser” to be taken seriously. In his opinion all except
himself ( and those who flatter him) are “idiots”.

I think it is unfair of you to accuse Rixstep and Ferrada Noli of
being in favour of rape, “honour crimes” or trafficking or even
sexism. The problem of violent men and trafficking has nothing
whatsoever to do with the Assange case!

I cannot think of any ordinary Swedish woman who would be thankful to
you for your fight for equal pay and against sexism in Sweden. If
there is sex discrimination in Sweden today, it is rather against men,
and there is nothing to prove that there isn’t equal pay for equal
work. Both men and women make silly jokes about the opposite sex and
there is in my opinion nothing much to make of it, just trivial

Have you been “seduced” by Göran Rudling and Gudrun Schyman, I wonder.

With love,

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Brita Sundberg-Weitman <
Date: Sat, Apr 14, 2012 at 12:12 PM
Subject: Re: Björn Hurtig and Sven Erik Alhem re: FSI claim
To: mary rose lenore eng <

Sorry, Mary, I cannot help there. To be sure, after we had met and
talked they presented a rough draft for my statement, but they
adjusted it to my observations and didn’t put anything in that I could
not fully agree with. Jen and I exchanged a great number of emails, so
it was a long procedure. How could they make Rudling, Hurtig and Alhem
sign something they did not agree with?

As to Rixstep, Al Burke showed me his very stupid and aggressive
letter about the translation into English. All the same, I see no
reason to think he is a misogynist or that he writes his pieces mala
fide. Besides, I think Göran Rudling is also stupid and aggressive at

I am so much older than you (born in 1934) and I suppose that accounts
for our different views. The longer you live, the easier it is to
tolerate human flaws and shortcomings.

With love,

> 14 apr 2012 kl. 00.36 skrev mary rose lenore eng:
> goran rudling has agreed to help sweden versus assange with the following information:
> “You know that Mark wrote my first statement in full. And I refused to sign it. And when
> we did it all over again Jennifer put stuff in there and took stuff out. Ask Brita if
> Mark/Jennifer put stuff in her statement. You can tell her that I was
> very upset about it. And that I know that Björn Hurtig and Sven Erik Alhem
> was very upset too.”
> this is in regards to the 500k fee dispute and legal malpractice claim.


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