Zulu4o1 aka Zulu401

Zulu is a bit of a puzzle. At times a gentle teddy-bear, his favourite insult is “loon”, but as we shall see further down, it gets a lot darker – and by quite a way.

Here is the neo-Nazi link that Zulu didn’t want to check out.

He’s quite fond of the word “boxhead” (a derogatory term for Germans) when speaking to a German.

He can use other insults too:

He doesn’t seem to grasp, though, that changing the twitter ID means it won’t be delivered:

His grasp of facts is.. variable..

Zulu enthusiastically joined in the bullying of the Wikileaks Forum – and this next one earned a retweet from Chistine Assange

He has made death threats

…which he claims can’t be death threats because he is quoting a politician called Keating:

Note that the link given by Zulu himself gives the Keating quote in full:

The answer is, mate, because I want to do you slowly. There has to be a bit of sport in this for all of us. In the psychological battle stakes, we are stripped down and ready to go. I want to see those ashen-faced performances; I want more of them. I want to be encouraged. I want to see you squirm out of this load of rubbish over a number of months. There will be no easy execution for you. You have perpetrated one of the great mischiefs on the Australian public with this thing, trying to rip away our social wage, trying to rip away the Australian values which we built in our society for over a century. [our emphasis]

So he has seen it, and knows the context. Why, then, does he claim that his own source is a lie?

what is more, he claims that he would actually follow through if the mood took him:

When the South African Wikileaks mirror was taken down in protest at the behaviour of Zulu and others, he leapt to the obvious conclusion, despite the blog post by the owner, and the clear explanation given on the site before it went down:

Zulu is never afraid to link to a “men’s rights” site that has such fascinating articles on other pages:

But at least he had a reliable source for that one:

One of our volunteers was a performance artist in the past. When he found pictures of her online in a state of semi-undress (yes, that’s the picture), Zulu went to town:

In this tweet, he threw in the picture with an article about her court case where the judge shockingly took custody of her son away from her:

While Rev was not phased by this, and it’s hardly the first time this has happened, this does show the pattern quite well, we think: some Wikileaks supporters will use whatever they think will intimidate.  In this case, Zulu came off looking both stupid and sexist, but other people may not be as comfortable as our Rev with this happening to them. That, we presume, was what Zulu was relying upon.

Rev says:

“A lot of trolls seem to think all that happened very recently and that they can still bully me over it, but I eventually not only won the case but got the jurisdiction transferred to my home state, plus my son is grown up now, so, none of that can happen again no matter what pics anybody finds of me.”

On the topic of harassment, AssangeC liked this allegation against the Swedish plaintiffs so much she that retweeted it:

As she did this one, which we have screencapped in order to censor the name.
You can never have enough abuse towards the plaintiffs, of course:

Perhaps tweets like these, and his charming personality, are what convinced Christine Assange to meet him in person:

She has retweeted him 23 times in the last month, so she definitely thinks he is worth paying attention to.

He has noticed, though, that no matter how much he presents us with his.. picturesque.. theories we tend to return to the facts and the real world:

And here’s the ironic tweet:

Update, 2019 – Zulu was banned from Twitter and has created a new account: https://twitter.com/zulu401

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