Wikitweets of @AssangeC

Some of AssangeC’s notable tweets.  Click on the time at the bottom left to see them on twitter.


  the reliable source for this is…

  ..and the rationale is…


confirmed by a retweet!

People keep asking why we think that there is a policy of blocking critics at Wikileaks. These should help to explain why that is. Almost all contributors to this site are blocked on Twitter by the main @wikileaks twitter account and by @AssangeC and many of her followers.







We’re not sure how she does this, given how many accounts she has blocked.


but it’s interesting to note that she still tweets the blocked accounts…


… but carefully removing the context – here’s the original of that one:


This one claims that Alan of @PGPBOARD wrote the 4corners page here. It was actually a collaboration between Goran Rudling, @Objectiviser, and some other contributors to the site.




On @Objectiviser:

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