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Rick Downes, who runs Rixstep, has a track record of extreme abuse towards the plainiffs in Sweden. His website also hosts an article written by a neo-Nazi murderer (but they only credit him with being a “notorious criminal”. The twitter account regularly tweets abuse at the plaintiffs and any critics of Wikileaks or Assange.  The Wikileaks account followed him for a long time, and regularly retweeted him. Including the nastiest abuse we have seen in the whole saga (trigger warning).

Recently, the account tweeted a link to an actual neo-Nazi website – before backtracking and claiming that they didn’t know what the site was – despite the prominant nazi imagery on the article itself:

So why the tweet to info14? We’ll let Rick explain:

So in his own words, he saw an article, then tweeted it without bothering to check who wrote it,  how reliable the website is, or if it was even true. As explanations go, it’s perhaps not the best way to regain lost credibility. But at least Rixstep don’t tweet much from the flashback website.  Oops he does.. and you’ll see one or two later in this page as well. Presumably they were checked just as thoroughly as the info14 link.

Rick likes to mix fantastic conspiracy theories with personal abuse:







  The shocking “hidden underbelly” of.. er.. the game Warcraft and possible benefit scams:

We can’t spot any xenophobia in the article – maybe it was the lack of hatred towards Sweden?










We have already documented the abuse of the plaintiffs by Rixstep on twitter – and that Wikileaks were watching it.  Wikileaks may have unfollowed @Rixstepnews on twitter, but Downes continues his abuse. The below tweets all name a plaintiff, so we will link rather than embed them. These tweets are not all the tweets naming plaintiffs that we found in the last few weeks along. Note that some are sent directly at one of the women.


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