The ironically named “NOH8ER” (no-hater) account has quite a history.

On politics:





An enthusiastic retweet:

The source for this? It’s reliable right? Well, if you call a pastebin document with a two links (one to a very suspect site, the other to a Wikipedia entry on one of the men) a reliable source, then yes. The Wikipedia article, of course, points out that at the time of the relationship with Gillard, the man wasn’t married. But NOH8ER is clearly convinced otherwise:

  On Lady Gaga visiting Assange – she’s a hero!

a retweet:


but all is not well in the world of Gaga-loving.

And now we know who the most important man in the world is:

  Let’s get this straight: the most important man in the world is… oh:

Apparently, Lady Gaga has an espionage agenda:


That evidence in full:

Oh dear:

  There’s always time to jump in with a reply to a death threat and nominate another victim:

NOH8ER on the Nobel prize – it’s a great thing:


actually… no it’s not:


we think NOH8ER has overestimated the length of time a decade is.


Always time for a tweet from a conspiracy-theory heavy site, especially if they come from Rixstep:


One retweet from Rixstep named a plaintiff in Sweden; we won’t publish that here.

We were pleased to note that NOH8ER retains his record of accuracy – he says that if you ignore Wikiwatcher, they go away – no, actually, if you’re attacking people and spreading untrue things about Wikileaks or the Assange rape extradition, you get our attention sooner or later :)

Here are some of the highlights from exiledsurfer over at his extensive collection. We trust the last tweet in the series is ironic rather than delusional, but it is hard to tell.





We will leave you with perhaps the best of the bunch:


Recent AssangeC retweet count: 8. A respectable score.

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