If you are online and you are commenting about Wikileaks in a critical manner, you will meet the Assangistas sooner or later. The word was coined by Heather Brooke, who has donated her highlights to start our collection.

Insults of varying quality, threats, and various other nasties are par for the course.  Abuse is expected; but try not to give it out even if you get angry. Your abusive tweets will be held against you: obviously!  We know from experience :/ It’s jolly difficult to do, but worth doing if you can. We have started to collect a few examples of what may lie in store for you.

The nastiest tweets are frequently deleted after a short while. Just long enough to be read, and *bam* they vanish. So be sure to screencap for your records at the time that you see them.

Please do send your submissions! But please do note that we have strict submission rules and we only accept screencaps as evidence from recognised journalists or lawyers.

We should point out that not all Wikileaks supporters (or even Assange supporters) are Assangistas by a long way.  Many are well-meaning and condemn the abuse, as Peter Tatchell did.  We are merely documenting what people may face if they dare to criticise Wikileaks or Assange – from small but very dedicated minority. And there are probably problems for Assange supporters too – that we don’t get to see.

The collection

Jaraparilla (aka Gary Lord) on Heather Brooke (screencaps provided by Ms Brooke)
Wikileaks themselves and close associates.
The death threats received by this site and people associated with it.
The attacks on Wikileaks Forum by Wikileaks (yes, really) is quite a collection in its own right.
Christine Assange herself.

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