House arrest or Curfew? The debate finally settled

Wikileaks have consistently claimed that Julian Assange is under house arrest. Everyone else has claimed he was out on bail with a curfew and an electronic tag. Using Assange’s own method (see here and here) of measuring these things, we tried to see how often this claim had been made.

Wikileaks twitter feed: “house arrest”
Gives 75 results, but this term is frequently used all over the place, including the official Assange support site, Justice4Assange:
Google: “house arrest”
gives 65 results just for that one site – we don’t know how many pages it has, but that must be a good percentage.

Google: “curfew”
gives just two results, one not from wikileaks but to them.

We are pleased to announce that after a little bit of research, we can finally lay this one to bed.

Using sources from and Justice4Assange themselves, we are happy to share a letter from Assange’s lawyer at the time to the Australian government.

1. Re Sweden: Mr Assange asks the Australian government to seek the following undertakings from Sweden:…

(c) To ask that Mr Assange be allowed to remain under similar conditions to those he has been in the UK (curfew), pending the resolution of his case if he is extradited. (He understands from his lawyers in Sweden that prosecutors there have refused to negotiate any alternative to custody, despite the fact that Mr Assange has complied with his bail conditions in England for nearly 18 months).

So that’s official from Assange’s lawyer, folks. Assange was under curfew, not house arrest.  He wanted those conditions to continue in Sweden as opposed to being in prison or under house arrest.


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