Wikileaks Watch is run by a group of volunteers who met online. Some of us have been supporters of Wikileaks in the past, in varying ways: from nodding approval to practical support.  Others have been critics.

We all now share a concern about the behaviour of Wikileaks, as it continues to give inaccurate information about Swedish law, legal processes, international police processes and other areas related to the Assange extradition case. We believe this is harming the rights of victims of sexual assault not only in Sweden, but also elsewhere.

We firmly believe that discussion should take place with the real facts, rather than false information, and we are gathering resources here to help people get easy access to the actual facts.  We do not discuss the evidence itself except to clarify when it is misrepresented; we believe that the detailed evidence is for the courts to weigh.

We take no view on the guilt or innocence of Mr Assange: that is a matter for the Swedish process and perhaps the Swedish courts to decide.

We would like to thank Alan Taylor of PGPBOARD for donating the hosting and the domain name. PGPBOARD have strong opinions on Wikileaks and Assange but have donated us space and given us free editorial discretion. Should that change, out host will also change.

See here for contact details.

Things we already know and you don’t need to tweet to us, so please stop:

1) Alan Taylor’s name and address.  We know it is on our WHOIS. Here’s the link, to save you 25 seconds :p

2) Yes, there are pictures on the Internet of @revmagdalen in various states of dress. She was a performance artist. She is always happy when her work gives people pleasure, but on Twitter, she’d rather stick to the debate thanks. No, you’re not the first to find them, and using them will only make you look silly.

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