This site contains TRIGGER WARNINGS for those who have been victims of abuse; these are only on pages that quote Wikileaks or those they  endorse, or their supporters.

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Did you know that ABC Australia’s TV show “Sex, Lies and Julian Assange” contains at least 20 serious errors of fact, including what the actual allegations are?

How reliable is the GetUp campaign video? Some serious errors have been found.

Did you know that Julian Assange has been charged, and has been for some time (or the equivalent under English Law)? Did you know that he’s not just wanted for questioning, but criminal proceedings?

How about the fact that Sweden do not extradite for espionage (not just to the USA but to anywhere)?

Did you know that Assange’s legal team gave false information to the expert witnesses, Bjorn Hurtig had to retract his claims in court when confronted with evidence, yet Wikileaks continue to use the expert witness statements which were based on the false information?

Were you aware of the articles attacking the women in Sweden that Wikileaks have (and still are) linking to directly?

This site is an antidote to the disinformation being spread about the Assange extradition.  Based on primary sources where possible, and all fact-checked and reviewed.

Latest updates can be found here.

6 Responses to Wikiwatch

  1. mary eng says:

    it’s quite tragic that the protections of rape shield law are so poorly understood that all of the information is tainted by this cruel victim bullying.

    in the future women will not be stoned or bashed for reporting rape. they will not be named, blamed for their clothes, their blog, their hair, or their nationality, the color of clothes they wear, or job status, all irrelevant details to confuse a case.

    the long struggle for Rape Shield Law is this. sexual Control of women’s bodies and condemnation of their sexuality lie at the heart of bashing rape victims.
    the west is not so far different from religious cultures which bash, ostracize, acid attack, honor murder, or other wise beat, torture or kill women for being raped.
    our mentality has to change.

    bashing rape victims only pushes more rape victims into the closet, or to suicide, and other self harm.

    we cannot hold ourselves blameless if we perpetuate this cruel pattern of bashing rape victims.

    international Rape Law must be our concern, for Holocaust victims, the Rapes in Syria, Rwanda, Sudan. Here.

    Unwriting existing rape law, and active demolition of sexual harssment law and rape law and sex trafficking law, appears to be assange’s idiotic defense.

    better it would have been to take a moral high road, and argue for gender equity, and end to sexual violence.

    that the left jumps off a pro-rape cliff, revolts me to the core.

    it is killing me and other rape survivors who see such insouciant cruelty paraded as expertise.


    the rape victims i have known whose stories have so deeply impacted me.
    and most of all for the boy who cried rape.

    this assault on rape survivors transcends gender.

    attacking rape victims who have the incredible will to report it, gives such secondary trauma.

    it is unethical and revolting.
    Lex ferenda is a Latin expression that means “future law” used in the sense of “what the law should be” (as opposed to lex lata – “the current law”). The derivative expression de lege ferenda means “with a view to the future law”.

  2. I agree. Do not listen to ABC Australia. Go to my cutting edge blog for the TRUTH.

    Mod edit: the linked blog names both women and may contain triggers.

  3. I completely agree!Do not listen to ABC Australia. Go to my cutting edge blog, to see the TRUTH about Assange!!

    Mod edit: the linked blog names both women and may contain triggers.

    • mary eng says:

      can you break the link to the naming and blaming of the victims?

      what is more ethical to show the cruelty and victim bashing of assangists—or to prevent more suffering of the victims.

      you can explain who this victim blamer claims to be without letting her use your blog to drive more assange victim-bashing propaganda links.

      • Objectiviser says:

        This is a complex issue. But we also link to Rixstep and other such places. Goran Rudling names the women on his site too, and is not very complimentary about AA.

        It would be difficult to form a single, simple rule that allowed some links and not others, and transparency is vital.

        I will, however, put your question and your points out for discussion on twitter and internally.

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